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Bad Diaper Rash - How To Prevent Diaper Rash

It is important to understand that a bad diaper rash is very uncomfortable for your baby. When the baby or toddler has a bad diaper rash, it can feel as if there is a fire inside of their diaper or training pants. Let's examine some of the ways in which we can prevent and cure a baby diaper rash.

What is newborn diaper rash irritation and redness caused by? It is typically caused by excrement in a diaper. There are many cases where the child develops a rash simply because they are allergic to something they have consumed and when it comes out, the skin gets irritated. At times, juices that have citric acids in them that can cause diaper rash. This is especially true for orange juice and many other juices.

There are also cases where the baby develops diaper rash simply because they have not been changed as often as they should be. Whenever a child has skin that is sensitive, it is important to make sure their bottom is cleaned often. Regular cleaning, wiping and washing of the bottom area always help to prevent a bad diaper rash.

There are many effective diaper rash treatments. One thing parents should do when they change the baby's diaper is apply protective diaper rash product. The protective product that you apply should be safe for your baby and free of synthetic ingredients, i.e. all natural. Be sure you use all natural diaper rash creams, as they will help minimize the risk of harmful side effects.

There are different brands of baby wipes that you will find on the shelves today that contain moisturizers which help alleviate the damage that is done when your baby has a bad diaper rash. You should choose the one that works the best on your baby - preferably ones that are all natural and free of harmful chemicals. This may require a bit of experimenting with different brands. Always look for products which say all natural.

Using all natural baby products is simply the right choice for caring and concerned mothers. Generally, the best types of baby products are the natural ones. The natural ingredients will be much better for your baby's bottom health and wellness. Believe it or not, there are many types out there that will do more harm than good.

If you find that your baby has a bad diaper rash that keeps recurring and you cannot control the breakout, it would be a good idea to consult your pediatrician as there could be a serious underlying cause and may require some type of special attention from a qualified professional.

About Baby's Bliss and Mommy's Bliss: Baby's Bliss and Mommy's Bliss is a U.S Corporation with offices in San Rafael, California, just north of San Francisco. The company began in 1999 when Roshan Kaderali, CEO and founder, formulated Baby's Bliss Gripe Water-the first and the original all natural colic remedy in the States. The product quickly gained popularity and the company now has two full lines of product, Baby's Bliss and Mommy's Bliss dedicated to bringing bliss to families ... naturally. * Disclaimer: The information available on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional or medical care for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment for you or your child. Please consult with your doctor, pediatrician or pharmacist before trying any prescription or OTC product. This information is provided only to help you be as informed as possible.


How To Chose Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are used mainly with cloth diapers. There are several different types of covers and in order to keep your baby dry you need to choose the right diaper cover. Pull on covers are just like underwear and will have elastic around the waist and leg openings. Another type of cover is a wrap style. The wrap style fastens with a Velcro or snaps and will fasten on the front. Wrap style covers tend to be a bit more expensive then pull on diaper covers. Additionally pull on covers can be very messy.

There are several different types of fasteners when using wrap style covers and you have a choice of hooks, loop tape or snaps. Snaps last the longest of the fasteners, babies have difficulty unfastening them and they will not catch in the wash. However if you need a fast solution then Velcro is quick and easy and can be adjusted for a customized fit.

As with diapers, diaper covers come in a variety of fabric though most are made of waterproof material. Most diaper covers are vinyl, nylon or PUL (polyurethane laminate). Some types of diaper covers will be made of polyester with a layer of cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is softer but the diaper cover will have to be washed more frequently. Other diaper covers that are one layer can be slick and they can be easily cleaned by wiping them.

The most breathable types of diapers covers are made of wool, as these all-natural diaper covers are very breathable. However wool diaper covers are the most expensive and cannot be machine-washed. They need to be hand washed. You can use fleece as a diaper cover though it is not as absorbent as wool.

All diaper covers come in a variety of sizes from newborn all the way to extra large. You can even find diaper covers for preemies. There are diaper covers that are one size and are adjustable. The one size fits all diaper covers can be made larger or smaller by changing the snaps. It is important to note that that the one size adjustable diapers may not have the best fit on smaller babies.

Every brand of diaper cover will have its own guidelines and they all will have a different fit. Certain brands are made for skinny babies and others are made for babies that may have chunky tummies or thighs. Diaper covers will come with rise and waist measurement in order for you to get the best fit for your baby.

In general a diaper cover can cost between $2. 50 to $50 or more. The organic wool diaper covers are the most expensive. In general diaper covers on average will cost between $10 to $15 dollars. Many parents will use an expensive cover for every day work and may have a less expensive one for back up.

In order to get the best price your should do some research to get the best price. Some companies may offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. You also may be able to get diaper and diaper cover deals so that you can try a few different diaper covers to find the best one for your baby. Finding information on diaper covers can be as easy doing an Internet search.


Diaper Pins Are Very Safe And Easy To Use

You want to use cloth diapers, but what about diaper pins? Diaper pins were actually used as far back as the fourteenth century. This is not too much of a surprise, considering that babies have been diapered since mankind began. Frequently, new parents are unsure what is best for their baby, with all of the available choices.

Disposable diapers seemed to be just about everyone's choice, for a very long time. Today people realize that there is a better choice available. We now know that disposable diapers are not the healthiest choice for your baby. Disposable diapers also cause harm to the environment, and sit in landfills literally for years. This is why so many have chosen to go back to cloth diapers.

Many parents who choose pre-fold diapers, choose to also use diaper pins. This creates a situation, where it is less likely for a baby to slip out of the diaper, which can be quite messy, among others concerns.

Years ago, diaper pins left something to be desired. More than a few children managed to open these pins, only to become injured. The old fashioned diaper pins were even at times, able to be opened accidentally, through regular movement. No wonder so many people readily accepted disposable diapers.

Today most diaper pins come equipped with safety features. Many of these pins come with covers, or special latches which must be triggered, in order to open up the pin.

Many diaper pins these days are contoured to the shape of a baby's body. This allows the pins to sit flush against the diaper, rather than sticking out on the sides. This will make the diaper pin less noticeable, especially to the baby. As a result, the baby will not be fascinated by the diaper pin, and begin explore ways of removing it.

No one would think of having a sharp object near a child. In the case of diaper pins, this is not the case. You will indeed want these to the sharp, in order to glide more easily to the diaper. Be sure to keep your hand between the child's skin, and the pin, in order to avoid injury, and great pain to your child.

Cloth diapers are much more comfortable for your baby. There are also much safer for the environment. What better way to teach your children about caring for the planet that they live on, than by using cloth diapers? Be sure to keep enough diaper pins on hand, and know how to correctly use them. If it makes you feel more comfortable, practice using these diaper pins, before using them to diaper your baby.

If you want to make a soon to be new mother's day, why not make your gift, cloth diapers and diaper pins. This is sure to be a hit, the cloth diaper has come back to stay.


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